Anti Theft Laptop Bag | MetroBag 17″ Olive


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  • Material: Dragon Polyester
  • H46 x W36 x D15 cm
  • 18,1 x 14,2 x 5,9 in
  • Capacity: 16L
  • Weight: 900g
  • 1 Year Warranty

Anti Theft Laptop Bag is RFID Protected by BGberlin that has a unique and slim design and lots of storage.

Safe solutions to protect your belongings like a hidden mobile pocket and a hidden shield pocket for magnetic cards which are both easily accessible and have the RFID protection system.

USB Charging port to connect with a power bank. Lightweight and high-quality material which prevents scratches. Additional rain cover and a soft breathable mesh on the back. Night reflection for when you are walking in the streets or riding your bike.

Anti-theft: Just like MetroBag 17″ Cut-Resistant it also comes with hidden zippers and pockets at the sides and at the back of the bag. The primary zipper is well hidden.

Hidden Pockets For Accessories: Wondering where you should place all of your accessories in your bag? You will find there are actually dedicated pockets inside the backpack that show you precisely where certain accessories should go.

Anti Theft Laptop Bag | MetroBag 17" Olive